Vocational Department

Career Based Intervention (CBI) is a work study program designed to give students the opportunity to complete their education while learning the obligations of the world of work.  The program focuses on teamwork, employability skills, customer service, life skills, and career choices based on student’s skills and interest. The CBI program includes safety awareness, personal development, personal health, and personal money management.

As a student at George Voinovich High School, you will be participating in a Career Based Intervention program. This includes the following:

  1. Online Job Readiness Course (worth.50 credit ):
  2. Senior Portfolio (worth .50 credit):
  3. Work Credits (for students working or volunteering):

     *Turn in pay check stubs for elective credit

                     Work credits are awarded as followed:

                                                       45 hours =  .25 credit

                                                       90 hours =  .50 credit

                                                     120 hours =  .75 credit

                                                     180 hours = 1.00 credit